Awesome Donation Challenge Nov. 11-18!

Great news: A supporter of Sergio Castro has offered a donation challenge. This week only, you can more than double your donation to Don Sergio’s humanitarian work! We’ve pasted a copy of her letter below. Thank you so much for this Victoria, you’re an angel!!!

Hi Everyone,

Wow, Thanksgiving is fast approaching and I just want to thank you all for such an incredible year of change and growth. You guys are just wonderful and I am so grateful to have met new faces, new places.

As a way of giving back, I wanted to do something bold… but honestly I don’t even know where to start. Um, so here it goes:

Several years back when I was in Mexico, I met Sergio Castro and Patricia Ferrer who were running a small philanthropic operation for the Mayan indigenous in the colonial town of San Cristóbal de Las Casas. Though abundant in natural beauty, artistic legacy and magic-realism, the state of Chiapas lacks many basic services and the surroundings are scenes of poverty. Poor villagers with any sort of mild to severe burns, inflammations, lesions or injuries would call upon these free services. Tourists filled the funding gap to pay for bandages, ointments, gauze pads, and miscellaneous supplies. In addition, there are water and school projects built to remedy the lack that exists in this southern Mexican state.

However, due to drug violence, times have been particularly severe in Mexico and people can’t get even basic needs met. Having lived there, I can personally attest to the sincerity and the immense good this doctor contributes for his community on a grassroots level. They live day-to-day and attend to patients with genuine humility. So if he has the heart to touch his community in such a genuine way, then I can push myself too.

… So guys, I dare you to challenge me.

No, seriously. Let’s do a one-week drive from now until November 18, 2011.

Whatever you donate on Paypal, I pledge to double that amount (up to $1000) and Pete’s company will also equal that through their Corporate Gifts Matching program. So if you can give $50, then I’ll give $100 out of my pocket and the company will match that another $100—effectively scaling your fifty to two hundred fifty.

The medical work is such a miracle for those who receive it, in a place where money goes very far in providing help that people need. And I am sure that my friends are such great people that I’m going to cringe at the check I’ll have to write for next Friday. So hold me to it.

Ready? You have one week to meet the challenge! Go!

You can donate via Paypal thru Sergio Castro’s Website.

Or, if you’d like a 501(c) tax-deductible receipt, mail a check with “Yok Chij, A.C” on the memo line to:

IF Integrities
160 Sunflower Lane
Watsonville, CA 95076 USA
More info on Sergio Castro’s Humanitarian work:

Blog: Blogspot dedicated to Sergio Castro, by Patricia Ferrer, PA.
Sergio Castro’s Humanitarian Page on Facebook

Thank you! I can’t wait to see how this experiment unfolds.
Stay warm,
Victoria Tai

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