Catching Up & DVD for Sale

Two months have slipped by with no posts? Let’s catch up!
Here’s a quick rundown of our recent activities:

1/ El Andalón was the feature film – and one of many wonderful short documentaries – at the first Watsonville Film Festival in late February.

In fact, we were worried that few people would show up since the festival took place on the day of the Academy Awards. However, a strong interest in locally produced films saved the day, and the event SOLD OUT!  More than 700 fans of film filled Watsonville’s Mello Center. It was a magnificent experience and we can’t wait to do it again next year! Here’s a nice article about it. And you can keep up to date here.

2/ We spent the better part of March and April working on funding future films, and presenting El Andalón at local schools.

Without exception, the student reaction was one of interest and involvement. They asked great questions, had a sincere desire to donate to Don Sergio’s work in Chiapas, and thought about how improve their own communities.

And thanks to the wonderful, caring teachers who have made our visits so memorable. We are hoping to continue the visits next school year.

3/ Today we screened El Andalón at the Santa Cruz County County Health Services Auditorium, for a training on cultural competency for mental health care providers.

Thank you so much to Jaime Molina  for organizing the event! Gracias también to medical experts Valli Barrioz & Patricia Ferrer (via skype) for participating in the excellent Q&A session.

4/ And finally, EL ANDALÓN IS AVAILABLE ON DVD! You can purchase it online at Film Baby, a “haven for independent filmmakers” like us. The DVD includes an extra featurette called “A Medical Perspective,” as well as extended outtakes, and more.

A portion of each purchase goes to support Don Sergio’s humanitarian work, so get your copy now, and please spread the word!

For library/college/institutional sales, please write to us directly through our website contact page.

The film will also available for streaming in the near future, so stay tuned…

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