El Andalón Available For Digital Download

Hola Amigos,

We are excited to announce that our opera prima, El Andalón (The
Healer), is now available online for video-on-demand streaming and

We think that Don Sergio’s story of tireless humanitarian work
makes for an inspiring story to watch during the holidays, with
family and friends by your side.

Here is the link to the film at Vimeo in Spanish with English subtitles.

For those of you who have French or Dutch speaking friends & family,
let them know we have versions for them as well!

El Andalón with French subtitles at Vimeo.

El Andalón with Dutch/Flemish subtitles at Vimeo.

Of course you can still purchase the original DVD, with additional
outtakes and extras, here at Amazon.

Finally, we’d like to extend warm wishes to you and yours for a
wonderful 2014.

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